Company Overview

Our company is funded in the year of 1986 and has been serving ourcustomers for over 17 years. We are specialized in moving services and international exhibition professional packing and transportation service.

1. Employee records:

Office import/export business and accountants: 10 peoplePacking and transportation professions: by tens

2. Vehicle Record:

1 big size motor truck with 10.5 tons capacity

5 small size motor trucks

2 cranes with 2 tons capacity

3. Warehouse Space Introduction:

We have two warehouses with total 500
pins (one ping equals to 6 feet square) located in LinKou and KuanTu. Thewarehouses are equipped with security facility and gatekeepers to ensure the
safety of the stored goods.

4. Exhibition Show Experiences

1.) Taipei International World Trade Center: 1986 - 1990/ Large
international trade show.

2.) Taipei Fine Arts Museum:

a. 1994/ Year round contract vendor
b. 1995/ Cartier Show
c. 1999/ Venice Biannual Exhibition
d. 1990/Close Distance Observation - Taiwan Contemporary Art Exhibition
e. 2000/Solo Exhibition by Nisa Chev ement
f. 2002/Less and More - French Contemporary Art Fair

3.) National Palace Museum: 1993/Monet & Impressionisms Exhibitions

4.) National Museum of History: 1996/Rembrandt Engraving Show

5.) Taipei National University of the Arts; 2000/Taiwan Centennial Art

6.) Taiwan Museum of Art:

a. 1990/Photography Exhibition
b. 2002/On the Architecture Exhibition of Venice
c. 2002/Renovation of Taiwan Museum of Art

7.) Taipei County Yingge Ceramics Museum

a. 2001/Aisa Ceramics Art Festival
b. 2002/Earth Soil - Taiwan Contemporary Ceramics Exhibitions
c. 2002/International Tea Pot Art Show

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